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Virtual Medical Simulations and Healthcare Serious Games
Rapid Virtual


Transform your content into engaging interactive virtual simulations

Critical Thinking


Realism is engaging and immersive

Virtual Patients


Upgrade your content using the latest in current learning theory

Embedded Mentors


Practice diagnostic thinking and get immediate feedback

  • History and Physical

    Meet a realistic patient, engage in dialog, examine the patient, and review findings

  • Monitors and Labs

    Use monitor data and test results to refine diagnostic thinking.

  • Prioritize Findings

    Learn to identify high value results and prioritize information.

  • Choose Next Actions

    Select next actions and receive immediate feedback.

  • For Simulation Centers

    Maximize the value of time with the manikin by using virtual simulation scenarios to prepare before, and to reinforce after, your simulation sessions.

  • For Course Faculty and Residency Directors

    Engage students by transforming your lecture cases with dynamic virtual simulations.

  • For Publishers

    Upgrade your entire scenario portfolio with modern, interactive, realistic simulations. Use design principles for micro-learning, and for learner tracking with xAPI.

  • For Healthcare Companies

    Train your sales force, your customers and patients with engaging, interactive scenarios that demonstrate the value and use of your product.

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