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Our Philosophy

The SimTabs principals have deep experience in healthcare simulation development and in building serious games. What we kept hearing was – We love simulations but we need something that takes less time and setup! – We really need a healthcare simulation that takes less time than a typical simulation! – It should be easy to integrate into the curriculum! – Can I assign your simulation to a class of 200 learners? – We cannot find additional faculty to teach with simulation. Can the simulation give feedback to the learner and send assessment to the faculty?

What we heard from all of this was completely in line with the latest best practices in e-learning – We want engaging experiences, micro-learning, alignment with the curriculum, built-in assessment and feedback.

We started SimTabs to respond to this pent-up need. Our team creates microlearning experiences for clients who need their existing content transformed in engaging healthcare simulations. We also build simulations with original content (ours or our client’s). In many cases, we create games when the content is more suited to a serious game than a healthcare simulation.

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